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Litecoin Accepted

Aug-9-2018 02:15:33 AM

Now Litecoin is integrated into our program and you can deposit and withdraw through LTC now. Hope you all good day and good business.

Thanks for your support. Club Business LTD

News about Multi-accounts, AdvCash and Facebook

Aug-1-2018 05:14:15 AM

Hello, dear PC members. Hope everything goes well with you during investment. Today I will publish three pieces of news:

(1) Action to Multi-accounts
As noticed in the end of June, we have right to disable any multi-accounts from 1st Aug. And we already gave past 35 days to let multi-accounts go when they finished their past investment cycle. From now on, if you created more than one accounts with the same IP address in the past, then you can only use your first account and do not use other accounts any more. This rule is not only for investors, but also for monitors. We treat everyone equally.

(2) AdvCash New Policy
AdvCash already did not accept new HYIP website from last month. So it is forbidden to deposit via AdvCash any more. But you can still withdraw if you have AdvCash deposit and we will keep processing ADV withdrawal requests until your investment cycle completes. During the following days, we will decide whether to add other payment processors or not. In current condition, you can deposit via PM, PAYEER and BTC.

(3) Facebook Promotional Link
Our website domain was forbidden by facebook official before, but there were still some facebook promoters in our system, so after preparation during last days, we developed an alternative promotional link on our “Referral Link” page, you can post your referral link on facebook again.

Thanks for your support. Club Business LTD

Three notices from our team

Jun-27-2018 06:28:24 AM

First: Internal transfer function
On 1st July 2018, we will open internal transfer function on our website. It will convenient for investors who want to join our program but don’t have payment accounts nor money inside their accounts. Because you can buy money in account balance from your upline personally from next month.

Second: Instant withdrawal function for PM, Payeer and Adv
From now on, withdrawal requests will be processed instantly, except Bitcoin which will be processed still within 24 hours. But there maybe some special conditions will not be instantly processed, such as payment system updates or server temporary problems. So if your withdraw request is pending over 24 hours, please give us email.

Third: Multiple accounts alert before 1st August 2018
During the past three months, especially the last two months. We found some investors operated multiple accounts with the same IP addresses frequently to earn our five level referral commissions. These are unconventional behaviors, as we already said in FAQ section that each investor can only have one account. Because our investment cycle is 30 days, we will not punish such accounts during the next 30 days, but we hope you can stop when your current investment expires. If we still find such behaviors after 1st August, we have the right to block such accounts without notice.

Thanks for your support. Club Business LTD

Two new languages

May-7-2018 09:08:50 AM

Hello, dear members, after two weeks preparation, the Russian and Chinese languages are all added now. Everything is fine with us, hope everything is also fine with you.

Thanks for your support. Club Business LTD

BTC minimum withdrawal

Apr-24-2018 05:51:59 AM

Hello, hope everything goes well with you. We inform that minimum withdrawal amount for BTC will be raised up to 5 dollars from May 1st,2018. At that time, for those whose investment expires and total balance is less than 5 dollars, we will exchange it into PM,ADV or PAYEER for you to withdraw, if you don't have those wallets, then you can send emails to us personally from our website and we will transfer the money to your wallet seperately.

Thanks for your support. Club Business LTD

Private Club Business LTD officially launched

Mar-20-2018 08:51:42 AM

Hello, dear investors. Our program launched today and welcome you to make money here through investment or promotion. Private club is also your club, our team will make money for you all.

Thanks for your support. Club Business LTD