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Two new languages

May-7-2018 09:08:50 AM

Hello, dear members, after two weeks preparation, the Russian and Chinese languages are all added now. Everything is fine with us, hope everything is also fine with you.

Thanks for your support. Club Business LTD

BTC minimum withdrawal

Apr-24-2018 05:51:59 AM

Hello, hope everything goes well with you. We inform that minimum withdrawal amount for BTC will be raised up to 5 dollars from May 1st,2018. At that time, for those whose investment expires and total balance is less than 5 dollars, we will exchange it into PM,ADV or PAYEER for you to withdraw, if you don't have those wallets, then you can send emails to us personally from our website and we will transfer the money to your wallet seperately.

Thanks for your support. Club Business LTD

Private Club Business LTD officially launched

Mar-20-2018 08:51:42 AM

Hello, dear investors. Our program launched today and welcome you to make money here through investment or promotion. Private club is also your club, our team will make money for you all.

Thanks for your support. Club Business LTD